Sunday, March 24, 2013


My friend Giselle came up to Starkville this weekend to keep me company and hang out, so she, Sally, and I headed out to some of the local antique store.  There are basically NONE that we have found in Starkville, but several really good ones in West Point (of all places). 

I didn't find any treasures.  I'm trying to be very particular.  I did find one thing that I'm sure I will be dreaming about for a LONG time.  It was a HUGE metal advertisement sign.  It would look so super cool in my living room I think, but I'm just not interested in spending that much $ ($450 - worth it I think, just not on my current priorities list).  I don't think it will fit in Melody (my Honda CRV for you noobs), and the first thing Jason (Mr. Practicality) texted back when I sent him a picture was...

Is there rust??  IT WILL RUST HERE!  THERE WILL BE RUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I told him to take a damn chill pill, I wasn't fixing to drag it home.  But I will dream of you, very amazingly awesome old coffee sign.  I will dream of you. 

 The scale is hard to tell - but it has to be about 80-82 inches tall.  There was crappy light in this room and I just had my iphone, sorry about the pic quality :(

 As usual, there were many amazing things I did not buy.  For example, this BIZARRE salt and pepper shaker set that Sally found.  I don't understand why one is a CORN, and one is a PINEAPPLE.  Those 2 things don't normally go together, am I right?

 This awesome hat, even though it TOTALLY matched my outfit.  I loved the random dangly jewel on it especially well.  But people's heads are obviously bigger in today's world.  My own personal head is not at all freakishly large, but NONE of the vintage hats I tried on today fit. 
And, I passed on this $3 "GOURD".  And uh....yeah no comment. 

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