Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mardi Gras Carnival

My one and only Mardi Gras activity for 2013 was the carnival at the middle school where my sister-in-law teaches.  The bad part of the carnival was busting my ass and falling ON my cotton candy.

The good part was watching K.E.S. go from one activity to the next.  First she and Scot slid on the huge bouncy slide.  She loved that, and wanted to go about 100 times.

Then she got her face painted.

Had a cupcake.

                             And saw the small person's bouncy castle - was SO excited.

When we finally talked her out of the bouncy castle,  we were all freezing and gnat-eaten, and my ankle was throbbing, so we went to Alex's classroom to color while we waited until time for the drawing we entered for a free ipad.

We didn't win an ipad, but it is so fun just to watch K.E.S.  I was also really excited to see my s-i-l's classroom (gooby, I know), but I like seeing where people spend their time.  Hopefully next year I will be in town and can actually do more Mardi Gras playing.  I don't usually do much, one or two parades is all I need, but I really did miss it this year.

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