Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Living Vicariously

Since I have no garden at the moment, I am living vicariously through my Mother's garden. Her yard, which was DESTROYED two months ago when she had to have a bunch of trees cut, is now going NUTS.  She has way more sun than she ever had before. I was worried that some of the things would FRY, but so far everything has just taken off! 

Pink false indigo, tropicana canna, Easter lilies, Gardenia on the left is a cutting from my great-grandmother's plant
Easter lilies, other various day lilies, lantana, azalea
Something phlox-y that comes back every year.

Mom has put these Easter lilies at the church every year in memory of my Daddy.  They love this spot here right by his wood shop, his favorite place.
Lantana which was literally a few sticks just a month ago.   

 Here you can see the stump of the old oak tree that Mom had cut. It was time.  Hollow in the middle.   When the 1974 tornado hit McComb, my swingset was destroyed.  My Dad being my Dad, he rigged the half of the swingset that was salvageable so that one side was supported by the original legs, and the other was supported by this oak tree. It worked just fine that way for many, many years.I also had a tire swing that hung from this tree for a million years. I spent many an hour in that tire swing dreaming big dreams and pretending I could fly. You can also see the Acanthus flower spikes (Bear's Breeches), the main thing I thought would fry in all this sun.  It seems perfectly happy. 

Sweet Mattie in the recovering garden.
Acanthus flower spike

My precious Mama with her Acanathus. 

UGH I can't stand it!  I have GOT to get a plan for my own yard and get WORKING.  Mom's garden is recovering so fast - it's pretty amazing. She has done a TON of work to get it back in shape.  Her grass is coming back pretty well too after the tree trucks left HUGE ruts.  We plan to find some of the new unusual cone flowers to plant in this bed that now is so sunny.  We have to repair her cobblestone path - the trucks made a mess of that, too.  Just have to get some time to do it. 

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