Friday, July 19, 2013

Bery Heavy Head

A post on the Giant Schnauzer Facebook group this morning included the cutest photo of a giant out in a garden with her head laying on a rock.  It got me thinking about all the different pictures I have of my Jazzy Grrl laying her head on various things.  It cracks me up, the positions and places she ends up.  She's so sweet and funny, we just love her heart out.

Hello dis is Jasmine and dese are fings I like to lay on.  Because my humans treat me so bad and won't give me anywhere nice to rest to I have to lay on hard, cold, uncomfortable objects.  Like....
Dis chair.  Dis when I first got here and had no beard and looked like a goof. 
Dis miter box

The arm of dis swing
Dis rocking chair
Dis desk

Dis drafting table
Dis rail
My Dad's foot

My sissy's bed, within reach of the dangerous dragon-schnauzer

OK, sometimes they let me get comfy :)  I guess I've actually got it pretty good.  

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