Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good Birthday Week

Today is my 44th birthday.  And as I typed that, I threw up in my mouth a little.  44.  44444444444444.  44.  Two fours.  FOUR decades + FOUR years.


ok I need to get over it.

On the positive side, Jason has treated me like a princess this week.  Not that he doesn't normally do that anyway, but just even more special little things than usual.  Like one day I was craving onion rings.  He got on-line, found recipes, went to the grocery, came home, and BAKED me AWESOME crunchy onion rings.

Then, we had to go to Baton Rouge last Tuesday to check on the house there, and he had ordered me my MOST favorite cake in the world.  Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods.

OMG this cake.  For real, it's too good for words.  

This week I also got several things in the mail that I "won" off the ebay.  I'll be sharing those in the next little while.  

My NEW ROOF got done WOOHOO!  And I couldn't thank my hunny enough for taking care of THAT nightmare.  The research he has put in to make sure we got what we needed - WOOF!  A LOT!

Got a zillion Happy Birthday's on The FaceBook, talked to K.E.S. on FaceTime, during which she told me she had a "Happy Birthday Party for me", then I went to Mom's, and she had fixed my favorite birthday dinner EVAH....

Fried steak, english peas, and that AMAZEBALLS mac and cheese she made the first time this Christmas.  Remember that?  Remember how I ate so much of it at Christmas that I didn't poop until February?  Well, this time I'm prepared.  I bought some SMOOTH MOVE tea at Whole Foods Tuesday.  So take THAT, mac and cheese!

So yeah, Happy Birthday to me!  All in all, a  pretty good time was had by all!  Next week, HOPEFULLY, my new dining room buffet will get delivered and then we can all really celebrate :)


Donya said...

I need that cake! And also a female version of your husband.

Donya said...

I need that cake! And also a female version of your husband.

Spickens said...

The cake you can get for yourself at Whole Foods. The female version of my husband....can't help you with that one lol.