Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jazzy's Dwight Schrute Impression

Out of town for the weekend, and I'm missing the pitter patter of giant feet, so here's a couple of videos I just happened to have on my camera.  Jasmine is FAMOUS for her impression of Dwight Schrute's famous SPIN MOVE:

Here's Dwight: 

And here's Jazzy: 

And here's Greta, my 14 year old, talking back to me.  She is SO SASSY. 

Hotel rooms are way too quiet.  Yeah I know I could get out and do something and talk to people, but sometimes it just feels like it's not worth the effort.  I haven't left my room this weekend. It's a little depressing, but I just didn't feel like getting out and exploring.  The thought of it, for some reason, gave me the heebies.  I am not really all that superstitious, but I will generally try to pay attention to those sorts of vibes.  Maybe it was the story I heard from one of my coworkers about being followed and threatened by a man once when she was out of town for work and went walking around alone.  Maybe I just miss my husband.  I've been wanting us to come up here to the mountains.  Maybe I need to quit reading stuff about serial killers.  Maybe I need to finish this one work report I have hanging over my head....

Regardless, here I sit.  I did do a TON of reading and drawing and Candy Crushing and even some work.  Hoping I can get my groove back next week.  Then I'm working on the Coast for 2 weeks so WOOT! 

Also:  next week my dining room buffet should FINALLY get delivered!!!!

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