Monday, September 9, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Art

My agency's awesome training guru (and also my good friend), Polly, fully understands the needs of tactile/ kinesthetic learners like me.  Most of our classes are, by nature, hours and hours (and hours) of lecture, power point presentations, and sitting on your butt. 

If you know me, you know:
  1. I want to learn and UNDERSTAND anything I am taught.  I need to internalize it, and
  2. I get ants in my pants. 

So thank you, Polly, for always providing tactile tools for us to play with while listening. Not only can I listen and actually focus on what's being taught, but I end up with bonus art work. For example, this vase of flowers complete with a bee, a spider in a web, and a ladybug. I was pretty proud of it.


I hear through the rumor mill that the new training people don't much believe in providing these sorts of materials.  No biggie really for me, because I can always doodle, but I think it's a shame.  I know it works for me, and I appreciate the training department's efforts to incorporate all types of learning styles. 

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