Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Am I color blind?

Ooooh Ohhh! I have so much to write about and share!  Mostly art stuff.  FUN stuff!  Book stuff!  Dog stuff!  I took almost a whole month off at the end of the year, and I finally feel like I have found my way back into my own headspace.  I had plenty PLENTY of time to really nest in my studio.  I got to play.  I watched WAY too many youtube art videos, and I'm obsessed. 

I'm always obsessed with SOMETHING, right?  Art, gardening, and reading obsessions keep me from running the streets and getting in trouble, as they say. 

So yeah I have GRAND plans for this blog for 2014.  We'll see how that goes when I actually get back into the swing of my normal work life, but I'm hoping I can maintain a better balance of work and play. 

For your first assignment with me, I have a test.  During my art supply organization/ purchasing/hoarding over the holidays, I discovered that I really HATE not have things labeled.  Like colors of pens and paints.  I spent hours making a sharpie chart and combing the internet for the names of the colors.  Yeah I know, I may need to up my meds.  Whatever. 

I bought this awesome pearlescent watercolor set at Michael's for $4.99.  Less than $5!!  I figured it was going to SUCK and not actually have any pigment, but surprise - it's great!  AND there is a list of colors on the package.  HOWEVER, the list of colors is in alphabetical order, NOT the order in which the pans are actually situated.  Annoying.

Now, I learned my colors a long, LONG time ago, and I've been able to (properly, I think) identify "yellow" and "silver". But the rest?  Driving me nuts.  So take a look at this, PLEASE!?  Help me match up the colors?  When you take a look at is and start trying to match them up, I think you'll see my frustration. 

And due to my slight neurosis, I can't continue until these are properly labels.  So....GO!
Here is it in different light


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