Sunday, January 19, 2014

Color ID Update

Chuck and I sat down while I was in Jackson Friday night and took another stab at ID'ing the colors as listed on the packaging of my Artist's Loft Pearlesent Watercolor Pan Set.  We made the following executive decisions:

We determined the problem has GOT to be a misprint on the packaging.  There IS NO DARK BLUE, and there NEEDS to be a DARK ORANGE.

A letter of complaint will be composed.

All judges decisions are final.


Adrianne Reyes said...

Hello I also had a difficult time with this. I'd love to send you a picture of the colors I came up with for comparison. I believe what you chose for silver is actually the dark blue because when you're mixing the water of how it looks. Thank you for posting I think we should all send them let's. The greys are definitely​ warm, not cool.

Spickens said...

Would love to see your answers!