Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Feel Loved

Today I am in Alexandria VA at a meeting for work.  I feel like UGH (at first I said shit, but Mom reprimanded me).  I was sick all weekend, literally slept like 60 of 72 hours between Friday and Sunday.  Flew up here Monday, felt ok.  Felt ok yesterday but was TIREEEED.  Started coughing last night.  Coughed.  Coughed.  Coughed.  etc etc.  Slept in this morning, came to work at noon....and no I didn't go to the Dr. because I don't have FEVER, and if I don't have FEVER that means I'm not actually sick, right?!


Since I got to the office at noon I have been delivered TWO presents from friends that work here: 
#1 a wooden pencil from Polly!  And yes, it's because she loves me. She's trying to help me cure my phobia with small baby steps - so this pencil is not actually 100% wood.  It's 70% wood and 30% recycled plastic.  It feels WEIRD and plasticky.  I wrote with it - hesitantly - and I didn't die!  WOOHOO!  I'm still very reluctant to actually bear down to see what would happen if the tip broke, but I'm going to let it live in my pen bag awhile and see what happens.  I appreciate her attempt at therapy :)
#2 a  Pocket Travel Spiral Sketch from Dena!  LOVE IT!!!  All the little wheels fit into the box along with paper and two little pens.  I'm not a big fan of the pens, they are more like markers and they bleed, but I can use them for something else.  The set is awesome and even has two of the weird-shaped wheels I didn't get in my big spirograph I haven't had a chance to play with.  FUN!!!! 
I already drew one for Dena: 
Polly can have the next. 
And I don't know if it's the love, the art, or the sudafed I took at lunch, but I definitely feel better.  

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