Friday, February 21, 2014

Gelli Plate Obsession

Surprise!!  I'm obsessed with something.  I know, I know.  It's so RARE.  (HA!) I mean I'm only obsessed with a new thing like, what, every other month at least? 
Oh well.  At least it's not CRACK, right?
The gelli plate. GO BUY YOU ONE. It is SO FUN!!!!! I  can't stop !

 Now I've gone and bought a BUNCH more stencils....and stencil blanks......and a hot knife to cut my own stencils....and a bunch more paint......yeah.   I need to actually DO something with the prints.  I need to set a limit.  Like...I can't make more than 1,000 prints without making something with them ;).  OK maybe 50.  75?  Something like that.
Did this one with some of the stencils I cut myself.  Didn't even burn myself WOOT!

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