Friday, March 28, 2014

A conversation re: New Orleans coffee

One of my prior "new examiners" is in a New Orleans credit union for the first time.  I'm going to work with him there next week, but just a while ago he sent me the following message: 
Doogie  1:07 PM
oh god. this CU's coffee tastes like old slim jims. 
i realize "old" slim jims is redundant
Pickens, Sonya K 1:07 PM
that is not good
what kind is it?!
Doogie  1:07 PM
i don't know. vomit?
Pickens, Sonya K 1:09 PM
Doogie 1:10 PM
i can't describe it other than vomit. maybe there's tobasco in it. 
Pickens, Sonya K 1:12 PM
you have to ask what kind it is now I have to know
I wonder if it's chicory and you are just not used to that
Doogie  1:13 PM
i can definitely tell you it's not community. but then again i've never had community with tobasco in it
Pickens, Sonya K 1:13 PM
you are killing me
Doogie  1:14 PM
wait until you try this coffee. 

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