Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finished 1st Smash book/ Junk Journal

"Junque Journal" if you're fancy. 

This one is for my Mom to use.  She has taken the bold step to rent a cottage down here on the coast near my brother and me. 

I'd just like to point out that she's way closer to ME.  I can ride my bike to her house.  So, not that it's a contest or anything, but that means I WIN.  It has nothing to do with the fact that my brother lives in BFE and there ARE no cottages out there.  I still win. 

I have been wanting to do a journal like this and play around with making some mini-albums, and this was the perfect opportunity. I used a ton of stuff I had laying around like old franklin covey pages, gelli print pages, post its, and random cardstock and printed papers.

I made the journal using the ARC system from Staples.  I have the hole punch.  It was a GREAT investment.  I use it like crazy.  This lets me avoid having to actually learn how to do a book binding, and let's face it, I'm lazy.  Another great thing about the ARC system is that you can add whatever pages you want or need, or you can move stuff around. 

I tried to put in lots of fun stuff like a pocket inside the front cover with some index cards where she can let her guests write her a note about their visit.  Then there are some post-it flags, and a long brown envelope for receipts or whatever.   

Next is page with paper that I love - birds on a wire - which holds a flower attached to a little mini book that fits in a pocket in the middle of the birds on a wire.   

The little book includes places for 4 pictures on one side, and journaling on the other.

Another little book has 8 pages, each with a little pocket. This one was super fun and easy - all made with one sheet of 12x12 paper!  It fits inside it's own pocket - the one with the bird "post card". 

The yellow and blue gelli printed paper is also a pocket which holds a large tag with room for a large picture on the front and journaling on the back.

Another gelli print covers the back inside cover. 

There is lots of room to stick things in an expand.  I hope you'll have fun stashing junk from all the cool things you do down here, my sweet Mommy! 

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