Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gelli Plate Schnauzers

I've been playing with my Gelli Plate, well.....obsessively.  I have purchased about 8,000,000 stencils and a ton of paint. Plus I am using up paint that I have LITERALLY had since college.  Then I bought a heat tool and plastic to make my own stencils.   I am having an absolute BLAST.  Here's the current stack of prints in process:

Yes I know, obsessive.  So now I have forced myself to stop making new ones, and DO something with the ones I already made.

I did a couple of journal pages using some, and I will continue to do that a bunch.  Some I just love as they are; I'll stick those in a journal too.  But I had some REAL fun last night and cut a new stencil.

It's my Greta!  I used a drawing I did of her a while back.  I cut the stencil out for the first time over the weekend.  It was my first more "complicated" stencil, and I learned a LOT.  #1 - my heat gun is too hot!  It warped the plastic pretty bad, making it hard to get a clean image through the stencil.

Fortunately I am an art supply hoarder, so I have a heat regulator thingy that I use with my soldering iron for stained glass work.  It worked just fine with the heat tool, and I was able to cut a much better stencil.

I love the result!  FUN, right?!  My baby girl on some of my favorite prints!

I am having way too much fun with this Gelli Plate. I think I have convinced friends to buy at least 10 of them, so I'm thinking Gelli Arts may want to go ahead and send me a commission check?

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Donald Anderson said...

They all look so cool. I am very impressed