Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweet Old Baby Girl

Just wanted to share with you guys who will "get it". How lucky am I to have this beautiful, sweet, special 14.5 year old girl lying beside me as I work today? She got groomed yesterday by the sweetest people - they treat her wonderfully. They have an extra person there when she comes in just to help my sweet baby stand up when she starts getting tired, and they just take their time with her and let her take rest breaks too. It makes me tear up, I tell 'ya. We had 3 groomers before this tell us they just couldn't handle her any more because she takes too much special attention. LAWD she has been high maintenance her WHOLE LIFE and even more now that she needs more help, but I wouldn't trade a second I have with her. OK I have to do my stupid taxes now so I need to quit crying and being sappy.

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Donald Anderson said...

High maintenance. Must run in th efamily. LOL just kidding, you both are very lucky. My bady is going on 12 :)