Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Captivity, Day 8

Water Consumption - 8*.  Thanks to the reusable cups provided by the Central Office fairies.

Air quality - 6*.  It's always COLD except first thing in the morning.

Lonesomeness for my hubby and dogs - 7*.

Temperment - 6*.  I'm a little frustrated but I'll get over it.  This work  project is a slow, tedious (but important) process. Being in one little windlowless room with the same people for days on end....but so far so good, really.

Arting time - 8*.  I am having a blast playing and trying to make stuff out of only the few things I brought with me.  Finished this journal page two nights ago. 

Number of giant schnauzers spotted: 1, but I was in the hotel shuttle and he was walking down the street with his person so I didn't get to meet them.

Number of times I have had to get my own lunch:  6 out of 7 days (not counting the weekend)

Number of times I left the hotel on the weekend on purpose, and voluntarily:  twice - once on Saturday to go to the art studios in the torpedo factory and once on Sunday to go to Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck).

Number of times my hubby has made me swoon with things he posted on facebook or texted me: a lot.  I'm a lucky girl.

*on a  scale of 1 to 10

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