Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gelli Addiction

I added the "ADDICTED TO GELLI" button to my blog (it's over on the right - check it out) because it's true.  I'm totally addicted and CANNOT STOP.  It is SO FUN.  Since I started mere months ago, I have taken to wearing nothing but worn out paint clothes around the house just so I can GELLI whenever the mood strikes.

I started with the 8x10 plate and a handful of awesome stencils and made things like:

Then I decided oooooh!  I can use other art I have made to cut my own stencils!  I cut one of my baby girl, Greta, and started making these:

Then my Mom got me the BIG Gelli Plate for my birthday and I discovered deli paper and OH MY!!!!

And NOW I have discovered that I can use up these STACKS of papers in collages!  

The addiction is bad.  Well I say bad, but I suppose it's way better than a crack addiction, right?  I have given away somewhere around 100 prints which makes me very happy, plus I'm single-handedly keeping the acrylic paint, stencil, pen, paper, and Gelli Arts industries in business.  (Did I mention I just bought myself a new 8x10 Gelli Plate and cut up my old one so I could make block printed backgrounds using the old pieces as stamps?)

If you want to see more Gellis, there are TONS on the interwebs, including TONS of awesome videos. Check out Patti Tolley Parrish on YouTube.  I LOVE her videos, plus she has her own line of stencils (many of which are featured in my own prints) at   Pretty much everything I know, I learned from her :)  Her website is

I posted a lot more of my prints on my new Facebook page (it's public, you don't have to have a facebook account to see it):  Sonyagraphsart  So check it out and let me know what you like!

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Patti Parrish said...

You really are addicted! Love your prints and I think I recognize some dangles in there! ;o)