Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Friends Crack Me Up, Episode #497


Andree's latest FACEBOOK post:
Things that will end badly: Ben is drilling a hole in the laptop to remove a stuck screw so I can replace the screen that Zachary cracked by closing the laptop on some earbuds.

Lisa:   Sounds like a Monty Python sketch

Jason G:   You should be filming this.

Andree: I don't remember there being so much cursing in Monty Python. Also, the drilling seems to have worked okayish. Also the part where I decided that where the manual said, "Remove" really meant "Pry apart with a butter knife."

Danny: "Hello Best Buy ? You are not going to believe this!"

Dale: Andree... make a footnote in the manual: "Keep butterknife handy to pry window facings off in case of stuck weights. Use fork to remove nails before hammering flush with roller skates."

Andree: That's one way to do it, Dale. We go with "Don't open windows."

Angelle: So glad I'm not the only one.

Dale: Andree... there was no choice. We no longer own a key to our own house and some maniac locked the door!

Andree: When I was little and we got locked out, my parents would pry one of the window panes in the front door and stick my sister through to go unlock the back door. The window panes are about 5" X 7". I'm not sure how she fit.

Sonya: Y'all are killing me LOLOOOL.

Andree: The drilling didn't hurt anything. But it turns out the lenovo manual was wrong - I didn't need to take the whole thing apart to get the screen off. Oh well, the fan's clean now and the laptop's a lot lighter since I have a few dozen screws left over.

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