Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Reading So Far

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Technology is SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING!!!  Plus, I have a cold and I feel like crap, so I'm cranky and impatient.  (More than usual, I mean).  But a while back I bought myself a fancy new Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition (Fancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) and learning to really use it has been a CURVE.  Here's what I did, though.  I hand-wrote this list of stuff I have read so far this year, and it converted it to text.  Then after MUCH RESEARCH and GNASHING OF TEETH and WHINING, I figured out how to post it directly to this blog so WOOT for me!!!!!  

Here's the list in reverse chronological order.  No ratings, no comments.  If it's on the list, I liked it enough to finish it.  I'm too grumpy to make a comment on each one right now. 

I have a few favorites; One More Thing - Stories and Other Stories - B.J. Novak is AMAZING and I loved it all.  The Good Lord Bird may be a contender for my top 25 ever.  It was sweet and moving and FUNNY.  I actually completed an art journaling challenge page based on this one I loved it so much.  

When Women Were Birds also had some beautiful writing.  Rabid made me terrified to ever leave my house.   Traveling Sprinkler is typical Nicholson Baker and I loved it.  

And yes, I listened to the unabridged version of Infinite Jest.  All 56 hours and 14 minutes of it.  AND the footnotes; an additional 7 hours and 29 minutes.  Loved it just as much as I did when I read the hard copy a few years ago.

A lot of these are "fluff" reads.  I like mysteries/ suspense in the summer and I got on a Liane Moriarty kick. And earlier in the year, a Robert Aspirin kick.  It had been WAY too long since I read the myth adventure books, I needed a refresher. And a zombie kick.  Cut me some slack.  There is plenty of "literature" thrown in for good measure I think.  

1>  4th of July Creek- Smith Henderson 
2>  Three Wishes-Liane Moriarty 
3>  Heft- Liz Moore 
4>  Louisiana Longshot - Jana DeLeon
5>  This is the Water- Yannick Murphy 
6>  The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon 
7>  The Secret Place- Tana French 
8>  What Alice Forgot- Liane Moriarty 
9>  Big Little lies- Liane Moriarty 
10>  The Edge of Normal- Carla Norton 
11>  Rabid- Monica Murphy, Bill Wasik 
12>  The Husband's Secret- Liane Moriarty 
13>  Beautiful Lies- Lisa Unger 
14>  The Outsourcer's Apprentice- Tom Holt 
15>  Savage Harvest- Carl Hoffman 
16>  The Devil All the Time- Donald Pollock 
17>  600 Hours of Edward- Craig Lancaster 
18>  Watching You- Michael Robotham 
19>  Why I Left Goldman Sachs- Greg Smith 
20>  The Farm- Tom Smith 
21>  Eleanor & Park- Rainbow Rowell 
22>  Code Talker- Judith Avila, Chester Nez 
23>  The Wrath of the Just- Manuel Loureiro 
24>  The Wicked Girls- Alex Marwood 
25>  The One I Left Behind- Jennifer McMahon 
26>  Dark Days- Manuel Loureiro 
27>  One More Thing - Stories and Other Stories - B.J. Novak 
28>  You Should Have Known- Jean Korelitz 
29>  The Beginning of the End- Manuel Loureiro 
30>  Everything's Eventual- Stephen King 
31>  The Woman Upstairs- Claire Messud 
32>  The Interestings-Meg Wolitzer 
33>  When Women Were Birds: Fifty-Four Variations on Voice- Terry Tempest Williams 
34>  As I Lay Dying- William Faulkner 
35>  The Secret History- Donna Tartt 
36>  Wonder Boys- Michael Chabon 
37>  The Scar Boys-Len Vlahos 
38>  Divine Misfortune- A. Lee Martinez 
39>  The Talented Mr. Ripley- Patrica Highsmith 
40>  Myth-ion Improbable- Robert Aspirin 
41>  Myth-Alliances- Robert Aspirin 
42>  At Night we Walk in Circles- Daniel Alarcon 
43>  Myth-Taken Identity. Robert Aspirin 
44>  Class Dis-Mythed- Robert Aspirin 
45>  Myth-Gotten Gains- Robert Aspirin 
46>  Myth-Chief-Robert Aspirin 
47>  Myth-Fortunes- Robert Aspirin 
48>  In The Blood- Lisa Unger 
49>  Telegraph Avenue- Michael Chabon 
50>  10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in my Head...- Dan Harris 
51>  Siddhartha- Herman Hesse 
52>  Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation-"Great Courses" 
53>  Fangirl-Rainbow Rowell 
54>  The People in the Trees- Hanya Yanagihara 
55>  Blood Will Out- Walter Kirn 
56>  Steam-Terry Pratchett 
57>  The Good Lord Bird- James McBride 
58>  Traveling Sprinkler- Nicholson Baker 
59>  Fiend: A Novel- Peter Stenson 
60>  This is Where I Leave You- Jonathan Tropper 
61>  May We Be Forgiven- A.M. Homes 
62>  Serpent of Venice- Christopher Moore 
63>  This Book Will Save Your Life- A.M. Homes
64>  Missing You- Harlan Coben 
65>  Infinite Jest- DFW
66>  Broken Harbor- Tana French 
67>  Croak- Gina Damico 
68>  Monster: A Novel- A. Lee Martinez 
69>  Scorch- Gina Damico 
70>  David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words- DFW 
71>  Rogue-Gina Damico 
72>  The Book Of You: A Novel- Claire Kendal 
73>  The Boy Who Could See Demons - Carolyn Jess-Cooke 

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