Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Special Package

A very special package arrived at our house yesterday.  It's the urn we got for our sweet baby girl. This is the 3rd urn we have commissioned from Alexandra Koiv at "Alex in Welderland", and we love them all.

And now the world seems a little more in balance, with Greta looking as if she is presiding over Schaffer and Bella,  while they, in turn,  ignore her - just as things were back in the good old days.  

Bella's urn was our first purchase, and it is one of Alex's standards.  I especially love the wings and the hook which holds Bella's old tag. For Schaffer's and Greta's urns, we opted for custom ears and tails, and a beard for Greta, which Alex made from photos we sent.  I think she captured their expressions perfectly.

Things will never be the same around here without our big, beautiful girl.  It's way quieter.  We miss her terribly.  But she will never, ever be forgotten, that is for sure. Thanks, Alex, for your beautiful work!

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