Monday, May 11, 2015

1st Quarter Reading (well, 1st Quarter plus April and a bit of May)

Why yes, I read a lot.  And YES, I consider listening to audiobooks "reading".  (Holly, I'm looking at you). HOWEVER, I will tell you that after several months of ONLY listening to audiobooks, I am really missing the touch, feel, focus, and more total immersion I can get with a physical book, so I have several "real" books on a real "to read" pile on my nightstand.  Should I submit this to the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks? 

It's a real thing.  And it's hilarious.  Check it out.

So far this year I have been in a pretty completely psychological thriller kick.  Again, I blame Holly. Holly is my cousin.  We grew up spending a lot of time on our grandparent's farm together and she, being WAY more adventurous and brave than me, has always challenged me to try to not be such a wimpy nerd.  She makes me get out of my comfort zone - from when we were kids and she was dragging me though woods on a three-wheeler, to now when she forces me to take photography classes and (*gasp*) try to "exercise", she has pushed me and I appreciate it. Sometimes she leads me astray, but usually only into things like a psychological thriller reading kick rather than into something like smoking crack, so I forgive her.

Plus she abhors crappy writing and storytelling as much as I do so we usually agree on books.

Most times we try to read the same things at about the same time.  The great thing about reading psychological thrillers with Holly is that in her "real job" she is a licensed clinical counselor AND an ER nurse, and she knows her stuff about mental issues.  She can unravel and diagnose allllll the nut jobs in the books we are reading.  It's like having my own on-call psychological consultant. It's awesome.

So here's the list - too long for an in-depth description of each.  If you want more info on a particular book, I highly recommend this amazing thing I found called "the Google", or

Really though, I use Goodreads pretty much exclusively, though I am behind on updating it as much as I am behind on anything else on my life.  Which is a lot.  So, whatever.  Here's the list so far, complete with length of audiobook and date of purchase:

1>    Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy - Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance         Jeff VanderMeer - 26 hrs and 14 mins - 12/31/2014
2>    Dept. of Speculation Jenny Offill - 3 hrs and 10 mins       - 1/11/2015
3>    The Paying Guests Sarah Waters - 21 hrs and 28 mins - 1/12/2015
4>    Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage - Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel (translator)      10 hrs and 9 mins - 1/17/2015
5>    The Girl on the Train: A Novel Paula Hawkins - 10 hrs and 59 mins - 1/25/2015
6>    The Long Road to Freedom           Nelson Mandela - 27 hrs and 44 mins - 1/25/2015
7>    Into the Wild Jon Krakauer - 7 hrs and 9 mins - 1/25/2015
8>    Don't Let Me Go Catherine Ryan Hyde - 11 hrs and 17 mins - 2/19/2015
9>    Crash & Burn Lisa Gardner - 13 hrs and 27 mins - 3/3/2015
10> Descent Tim Johnston - 11 hrs and 31 mins - 3/11/2015
11> Six Years Harlan Coben - 10 hrs and 37 mins - 3/19/2015
12> Gilead Marilynne Robinson          - 8 hrs and 59 mins - 3/22/2015
13> The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America's Most Powerful Trial Lawyer     Curtis Wilkie - 13 hrs and 45 mins - 3/26/2015
14> The Stranger Harlan Coben - 9 hrs and 43 mins - 3/29/2015
15> The Good Girl Mary Kubica - 10 hrs and 38 mins - 4/1/2015
16> The Silent Sister Diane Chamberlain - 11 hrs and 39 mins - 4/5/2015
17> The Hypnotist's Love Story          Liane Moriarty - 13 hrs and 6 mins - 4/7/2015
18> Wolf in White Van           John Darnielle - 5 hrs and 22 mins - 9/28/2015
19> The Girl with All the Gifts M. R. Carey - 13 hrs and 4 mins - 4/10/2015
20> The Room: A Novel Jonas Karlsson         - 3 hrs and 27 mins - 4/12/2015
21> The Kind Worth Killing Peter Swanson - 10 hrs and 18 mins - 4/14/2015
22> What You Left Behind Samantha Hayes - 10 hrs and 17 mins - 4/20/2015
23> The Remains of the Day Kazuo Ishiguro - 8 hrs and 13 mins - 4/23/2015
24> The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender Leslye Walton - 8 hrs and 32 mins - 4/29/2015
25> Bird Box: A Novel            Josh Malerman- - 9 hrs and 8 mins - 5/1/2015
26> Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder      Jerry Bledsoe --20 hrs and 8 mins -     5/3/2015

My favorites of this bunch were the Mandela Autobiography and Wolf in White Van, which is a great, disturbing but weirdly hopeful novel about a guy who just happens to be a game nerd.  You may love it even if you AREN'T a game nerd. The Bird Box and The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender are also both really great.  And both kind of depressing.

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