Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Beast Fiend

Happy Birthday to my Daley-Dale. My BFF. My partner in crime. My soul sister, my art mentor. The friend that pushes me and encourages me and sometimes even can force me out into the public somewhat willingly. The friend that also knows she can find me outside in a quiet corner when she has lost me in a maddening crowd. The permanent (amazing) mother of my temporary kids. The inspiration for what has become my supercool collection of vintage elephant planters. One of the top 3 reasons I moved to Ocean Springs. The reason I was not afraid to pick up this desk at which I am sitting from the side of the road, or buy that piano in my sunroom for $75 at a garage sale. The reason I love popcorn and M&M's. And amaretto festoons.  The person with whom I invented view-mail. The one I can count on to be awake at 1am to tell me how to do some art thing, and can count on me to be awake at 1am to help her pick a photo for a contest whose deadline is 1:02am. The brave, just-go-for-it girl to my hesitant doubtfulness.  The nothing-is-ever-wrong girl to my constant hypochondria (yeah we should really work on meeting in the middle on this one).  I art you my Dale!! You complete me :).  

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dale said...

But.... but... you KNOW I'm not a pretty crier! I am smiling and crying, though. The fact that I had to go spell check the word "crier" got me distracted and tickled. I of course, had to look it up because putting a weirdo, angst-ridden typo in a note is something I would just never do to you. I art you too, Songer!