Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh Neal Stephenson, I Still Adore You Even Though You Broke My Heart A Little

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It breaks my heart to rate this only 3 stars, because I SO ADORE Neal Stephenson, but this book seemed like such a departure from his "norm" to me. There was just very little character development or actual STORY. It was soooo much "tell me instead of show me". Long passages where he just says "then this happened then that happened". The long science passages didn't bother me at all. They were interesting, and I'm fine with that. The book almost seemed like more of a set-up for the possibilities of many stories rather than any real fleshed out stories. Let's have a whole novel about Julia, or Sean, or Ivy or Dina or any of them. Let's have whole novels from the perspectives of the Diggers, Pingers, Reds, Blues.... you get my drift. This book was classic Stephenson as far as amazing world building, science, and scenarios, but where's the true heart? I don't feel really connected to a single character.

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