Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Garden Bug is Biting

FINALLY!!!!!  I am getting my gardening bug back!  I can't explain why, but I couldn't be happier to welcome it!

A landscape architect is in the process of drawing up plans for my front and side yards.  These plans are going to give me the bones of a garden that I need to proceed.  Otherwise, I am just overwhelmed.

I did, however, plant some really cool stuff last fall that survived the winter.  All of this is in the little courtyard off my living room:

Buddleja davidii 'Black Knight'

The remains of a foxglove.  How cool is that??

A rare Doodle.  

A last Foxglove

Colocasia 'Electric Blue Gecko' 
Colocasia 'Coffee Cups'

A Giant Ligulaira

A Giant Schnauzer

Figs I will have to fight critters for
The last of the Johnny Jump Ups

About to bloom

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