Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TWITCH (not the amazing dancer who I love)

There is a building in which I spent a lot of time. I will leave the name and location of this building a secret, to protect the innocent. The building is very nice. I love it. It is like home to me in many ways.


One feature in this building makes my eyelid twitch a little. I point this out to people often, but they generally just look at me like I need to find a new hobby.

So please tell me, dear readers, would this not make you nuts?

Here's the situation.

The building has 4 elevators. Two on one side and two on the other, facing each other:

On each side of each door, there are beautiful marble panels. So 4 panels per side...

It's hard to get a good picture of the situation because the hallway is narrow, but here's an actual photo:

Now in this particular example, you can sort of see that panels B and C (the middle 2 panels) are mirror images of each other.What is harder to see, so you will have to take my word for it, is that panels A and D (the outside panels) are also mirror images of each other.
Makes perfect sense, right? It's pretty.I like it.
Problem Part I:
On some floors, panels B and C match, and panels A and D match, as in the photo above. On other floors, panels A and B match, and panels C and D match.
The fact that there are two different patterns at all makes me twitch a little.I mean why? Why have 2 patterns?

Problem Part II:
On the 3rd floor, the panel pattern IS DIFFERENT ON EACH SIDE.
So one side has the A-B, C-D pattern:
And the other side has the A-D, B-C pattern: 

And yes, I am well aware of the EXTREME category of "1st World Problems" into which this falls.
Still makes me twitch.

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