Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SIDNB Feb 2017

And now for the return of  everyone's favorite blog feature.....

I am currently in Dallas helping proctor a test for work. Proctoring is a fancy word for "reading instructions out loud and making sure people don't cheat." It is only for two nights, and the hotel gift shop has red bull, so it's all good.

Last night my new friend OHR Lauren and I went took the hotel shuttle over to the Galleria Mall. (I know a lot of Laurens. This one shall be known as OHR Lauren, since she works in OHR.) We walked around for several hours. She turned me on to some new products at Sephora, we looked at all the super cute jewelry in Nordstrom and elsewhere, ate great pasta (believe it or not) at a restaurant where we could watch the little kids taking their ice skating lessons, and got free froyo at the yogurt shop because it was National Froyo Day or somesuch.  It was pretty much an awesome, easy, fun evening.

In one of the little shops (I don't remember which one), I spotted a clearance room in the way back of the store. And in this clearance room, OHR Lauren spotted one of the best SIDNB's ever.


That, my friends, is a spray painted tree branch, with sparkly bit stapled on the end. On clearance for $88.88. My mind boggles.

While I'm at it, Here's another Thing I Did Not Buy at the airport:  

WTH is "Real Fake Gum"???

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