Saturday, September 25, 2010

A scrapbook page or 2

Happy Birthday Bean!!

My buddy turned 14 years old on Thursday. At this point, he's still as spunky as ever, but his GPS system could use updating. He runs into things if something gets moved. He rarely hears us. We have to carry him up and down the stairs to potty. He is working on about a 95% success rate for getting to the door on time.

And I don't care. I'll deal with that as long as I need to. As long as he's still enjoying lying in the sun, sleeping next to us at night, playing with his toys, and getting excited about breakfast and dinner, I'll carry him where ever he wants to go.

Happy Birthday Bean-o! You're my #1 little buddy!!

Pretty Grrrl

She likes to hang out on the landing between my studio and Jason's computer room. She's got a black spot on the back of her tongue just like Greta! Finally getting a beard!

Jasmine's chewy

What could be her first chewy ever. She wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first. While she was chewing it, she kept looking at me like "is dis really for me?". It was so sweet, but it makes me sad, too. She is SO sweet, but it just seems that no one took any notice of it before.

I am so thankful that the vet @ the EBRP shelter took the time to call giant schnauzer rescue multiple times to get in touch with us. She belongs here with us.

Happy Birthday Butt Cheeks!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. Boston Creme Pie is his favorite. In the past, I've purchased them from various places around town. I never really liked any of them. So I decided to make him one myself. Yeah, it's a day late, but I was in Washington part of last week and I didn't get home until after 10pm last night.
It's not perfect. My custard didn't set up, so I added more corn starch and it's a little lumpy. But, I think it still tastes good. I hope he likes it!

P.S. Jason and I went to see Jamie Wax's "Goin' to Jackson" several years ago. We loved it. The "Butt Cheeks" reference is from that play. If you haven't seen it, do.

Damn dog take #152

She ate my shoelaces.


Friday, September 24, 2010

I love airline travel (NOT)

Dear Delta, when I got to DCA today you offered me a seat an earlier flight for a $50 fee. Would have LOVED to, but sorry, but I'm not paying your $50 fee to volunteer to go earlier.The flight I was actually on was overbooked, and you were giving people $400 vouchers to volunteer to go later. Look closely at the cost/ benefit analysis of this plan. You will find that someone forgot to carry a 1 somewhere...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have just been down lately. It's been a tough year. There is so much I am thankful for, but things I'm sad about too. My Dad. Being far from family. Being 41. Watching my husband struggle with his own depression at times. And sometimes the sadness kind of bunches up on me. And then I get pictures like this of my niece, and the world seems right again:

Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's 5:30am. I haven't slept. I let my Ambien prescription run out. I have been super motivated though. I've cleaned windows and repainted staircases and cleaned out even more junk from my studio.

I have also determined that there is some sort of critter living in the walls up here. I'm having flashbacks to's post about the crazed racoons/ airbombing squirrels/ weird random cats living in her new house...

Stained Glassy

I have been wanting to make some little thank-yous for a few people that were super sweet to my parents while my Dad was sick. And I've also been feeling kind of stained-glassy. So I pulled out my supplies:

and made some hanging-in-the-window-angels and things.

I thought it was only appropriate. They were angels to my parents. It was killer to write the accompanying cards, but I wanted to let them how how grateful I was for their time and kindness. It felt good to get that done. I've been procrastinating it because I knew it would be hard. I hope they like them!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attempted Murder

My trainee just tried to kill me. I got through 1/4 of it and had to fall over dead. And then I spit it out.