Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sinus Schminus

For the last couple of months I have been feeling non-energetic, achy, and unmotivated.  I chalked it up to the move, traveling for work, being overwhelmed at work....blah blah blah.  At the same time, a lymph node in my neck kept swelling and waning, swelling and waning.  My ears were tingly. My eyes have been killing me.  I was sure my eyes were just strained.    Thursday I started feeling really bad.  Friday a little better until I got home. Then Saturday, BAD.  

I'm quite anti-doctor for colds and such.  I want my body to fight off whatever it can fight off by itself.  I can usually sleep off minor bugs.  I am worried about taking antibiotics and contributing to the development of antibiotic resistance illnesses.  But I was worried about that lymph node, so I drug myself to urgent care this morning.

The doctor says "raging sinus infection".  One ear is super red, the other ear has blood at the base of my ear drum.  My eyes look awful. I'll be taking a round of antibiotics and hopefully I'll start feeling better and get motivated to resume my morning walks!  In the meantime, here are some pics I took on my walk last Tuesday, to remind me how much I love getting out there and exploring this new place. 

More pics:

DIRT is not a SNACK!

Greta continues to find ways to eat dirt out of the garden. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's get this garden started!

 Veggies planted (and now schnauzer-proofed - apparently Greta thought the dirt was DELICIOUS).
 I could not BE MORE EXCITED about my itty bitty baby figs!!!!!!!

Did lots of stuff in the yard.  LOVING IT. 

Here's the link to more photos:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Infinite Jest

Just came across this and yeah...what she says:
"Comprehension, identification, and projection. Reading IJ is like forging a spiritual connection with a man who expresses my feelings better than I do. As someone who writes, I’ve often felt that language is so poor an instrument for communication or expression. I find it unyieldingly difficult to write an honest sentence. DFW exhibits otherwise. George Saunders, in his remarks at David Foster Wallace’s memorial service, called Wallace “a wake-up artist.” Yes. DFW’s words, beyond creating solid smart sentences and solid smart stories, reach this part of you that you thought no one could reach, saying everything you’ve been wanting to say and hear, everything you’ve been thinking on your own but haven’t been able to share with anyone else. While the whole world lies to you (the media, the politicians, the [insert your own contaminated culprits here]), Wallace tells you the truth. It’s as if he comes out of his book and shakes you until you’re dizzy, yelling at you all the time, “I GET IT. I GET YOU. YOU ARE NOT ALONE HERE.”"

Wildflower Lurve

I keep having to stop on the side of the road on my way from the Coast to Jackson to take pictures of the wildflowers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Native Azaleas

About two weeks ago I discovered that the previous owners of the house left me two beautiful yellow native azaleas in the "woodland garden" area of the yard.

And then THIS weekend I found a FLAME one! STOKED!

In other news, I
bought a Fuji Waterfall Hydrangea, and this CRAZY cool Lime Spirea:

Gardens for Squares

Last weekend Jason built my 4x4 squares for my square foot gardens! SO excited!! I haven't been able to plant veggies since I had a plot in my old neighborhood's community garden. That's been several years! (My Louisiana yard didn't have enough SUN.) This weekend, bought the plants and seeds, had the dirt delivered, and got the squares all loaded up. Planning to get up early in the morning to get the plants in...we'll see if that actually happens!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

carbon-based wood-encased erasable writing utensils

I don't like them. They scare me. When one is being used near me, all I can think about it how the lead is about to break, leaving jagged splinters of unfinished wood to scrape across the paper. And speaking of paper, I don't like to touch it with dry hands. (dry = no lotion available). The thought of this jaggedy, splintery, unfinished wood scraping across dried, pressed wood pulp gives me the heebies like nobody's business. It's distracting.

So yesterday was the first day of a three day class up in my agency's central office. And as I walk into class, what do I see? A neatly sharpened wooden pencil at every seat. My heebie jeebie level soared to new heights. What's a girl to do? COMPLAIN ON FACEBOOK, OF COURSE! And not even an hour later, a little fairy delivered to me three boxes of carbon-based PLASTIC-encased erasable writing utensils. Man o man, it pays to have friends in high places (THANKS POLLY!!)

And then I set about eliminating the scary, potentially deadly weapons from my environment. (Somebody could lose an EYE!!) Of course I did this at break and after lunch. I mean, I needed them gone but I'm not CRAZY or anything.

ONE GIRL would not give up her wood pencil. I offered her TWO mechanical ones in trade, but nope. She wouldn't trade. And so all day today, some little part of my classroom attention was listening for the sound of breaking pencil lead and then....horror of horrors......WOOD SCRAPING ACROSS PAPER. Fortunately it hasn't happened yet, but tomorrow is another day. ONE girl. Probably the same girl who insists on eating a PB&J sitting on a plane next to someone with a peanut allergy.

Just remember, Ms. Girl, karma is a bitch!

And P.S. here's a repost of a list I made in 2008, but my fear of wooden pencils dates to far, far earlier in life. In 7th grade I had a choice to use a pencil, make no mistakes with a pen, or make any mistakes I made with a pen into really cute doodles. (This was for a creative arts class). I chose to make doodles. Which took longer, but I just didn't want to risk the dangers of wood pencils.

More Crazy Stuff I Hear

"I don't mean to throw a link in your chain" - Paige from Glamour Belles


<------likes the verb "decisioning", but "dialog" bothers me. As in "let's dialog about your loan decisioning".

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Added link

to pictures of the new house (over to the right in the OTHER section) but here it is again:

Group Goodbye

Didn't really talk about it much, TOO SAD!, but my old work Group had a going away lunch for me back in December @ Zea (yum). They gave me this really cool Brighton bracelet with Louisiana doo-dads on it. An "I" for Group I (my old group letter), a fleur de lis heart, a red purse (because I carry one), and a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce with a little tobasco pepper. So perfect to remember my Louisiana days!

And yeah, I DO miss them, but thanks to email and facebook, we are still in touch ALMOST as much. (not enough, though!!).

A text from Jason

Jason says "life as a water schnoodle spaniel doodle is hard".

(yeah.....we really don't know WHAT she is, obviously).

Two Sisters HellstotheYeah!

Actually really loving working in Jackson the last two weeks. Hanging out with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins....still need to get together with my old friends!

Ate at Two Sisters twice in the last two weeks. Still, however, have not gotten my full greens, butterbeans, okra fix...but I'm working on it.


Anybody want to take a stab at what had to get together to produce this mohawked cutie?

My friend Lauren's sweet buddy, Ozzie.

" "

email from work (revised a tad by my coworker, Justin)

Subject: REVISED Blackberry Replacements
Importance: High

In the past few weeks there have been a number of blackberries that have had to be replaced due to improper care and handling. Item 10 of the Communications MOU (see below) directs all users to use reasonable care in the handling of their blackberry. Such reasonable care includes ensuring it is not used near a water source, traded for crack cocaine, accidently swallowed, used to wedge the short leg of a table, thrown into an infinite abyss, be-dazzled, accidently buried with a recently-deceased relative, blended on You-Tube, frozen with liquid nitrogen and shattered, allowed to become self aware, baked inside of a cake, reconfigured to run on steam power, used to smash walnuts, allowed to be stolen by a curious/ tech savvy raccoon, and ensuring there is no pressure applied to the screen (do not carry in pocket), etc. We suggest that you utilize the carrying case issued with the Blackberry or a similarly protective storage case which you may purchase with your annual supply budget. Devices that are not covered under the ATT Warranty Exchange program are subject to a replacement charge of $425. We understand that accidents can happen, however, reasonable care starts with the users.