Friday, October 28, 2011

But seriously, can you stand the cuteness?

My niece in a jumper made by her KK (aka my Mom).

A little fall treat

My neighbor's confederate rose is blooming.  This one was hanging over on my side of the yard, so I had to bring it inside.  It was about to rain and it would have been ruined anyway. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

What I DID buy.

I know Jason's next question is going to be "Well what DID you buy?".

So here it is.  2 vintage necklaces (because I don't have enough vintage necklaces that I don't wear), and a fat little bird that I think I will use as my "object" for the art class I'm taking.  Total.....$21. 

Stuff I didn't buy

Welcome to a new type of what will become a recurring blog entry......

Stuff in stores that I didn't buy (but totally would have if I:
         a> was a hoarder,
         b> had a resale store and a hunky jack-of-all-trades like The Picker Sisters, or
         c> didn't care that it drives my husband nuts when I come home with "junk". )

So for our first go-round, here are some things Dale and I looked at today in BSL and didn't buy.
A super-cool 50's? 60's? coffee service

A cool (heavy) old flower frog.

A cute glass-covered shadow box
The mid-century end tables which Dale has been coveting and "can't explain why they aren't in my own house yet."
Onion and Garlic?  Salt & pepper shakers


Dale and I spent MANY an afternoon in antique/ junk stores while we were at Mississippi State, both of us poor college students, honestly trying not to be any more of a financial burden than we already were to our parents.  That was one thing that we had in common - GUILT.  We were both RA's, and the little money we made from that job went a long way.  I think in all those trips, I only bought a couple of pairs of vintage earrings and the elephant planter that started the collection I still have today.  And I'm sure a few other things here and there, but if it was over about $3, it was out of the question. The fun was in finding the treasures and really prioritizing what we could save for. No, folks, we did not have credit cards back then (THANK GOD), and we have been known to put something that cost $17 on lay-away.  That was 20 years ago, and we've come a long way, baby.  But today felt just like the old days...and I loved every second. 


P.S. I need help learning how to get my pictures and stuff organized on the page the way I want them.  It aggravates me.

THIS is one of the main reasons I moved to the coast...

Left work a little early today to get a jumpstart on my weekend @ Mom's.  Got to Bay St. Louis (BSL), and it occurred to me that Friday is Dale's day off. (Dale is my BFF from College, for those of you who are new readers.)  I have been needing to go to BSL to look in several antique/vintage junk stores AND the Mockingbird Cafe, where both Dale and her 12 year old son have art for sale.

So taking a big chance because Dale always has 1400 things going on for herself, and 210 things going for each of her 4 kids, I called her. And By George!, she answered!  AND, she was AT THAT MOMENT standing in one of the very stores I wanted to visit.  So I turned off the interstate while she ran to get her girls and we met up at the Mockingbird for some pumpkin spiced lattes and planning. 

The #3 painting, entitled SPIN, is mine (well I hope it is shortly. I've requested a payment plan).  So back off. 
Here is a better picture of one of Aidan's pear paintings
Then I sat down with the girls for our afternoon coffee and a littlest pet shop sorting session.  I'm all about sorting (and resorting and resorting and resorting) things.  Tlearn Dale's youngest is as sort-happy as I am was fun.

Dale's kids are so beautiful, and so COOL (of course).  They are super-neat kids to be around.  I'm so glad I'm going to get to know them. 

So we finished our coffees, then we took off for an hour or so of junking! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First REAL garden project

The new house has a built-in smoker area with a cabinet and a tiled countertop area.  It is the Bomb.  Of course my first thought was not OOH!  A SMOKER!  Jason and I don't cook.  Yeah he can make some AWE.SOME wings on a grill. But other than that we aren't really outdoor-cooking people.

So MY first thought was.....POTTING AREA!!!

This past weekend I got to try it out for the first time. It worked perfectly.  Plenty of working space, plenty of finished stuff space, even a little ledge for my coffee and tools.  I used the metal surface of the smoker for trash, and then easily separated that into plastic for the trash can and paper for the fire pit. 

Really the only thing I brought with me from Tulip Street was my succulent collection. And Boy ohBoy they enjoyed the drought this summer and had TONS of babies. I needed to separate them, repot them, and hopefully they will all root. Then I can give lots of them to my friends, and use them to make new cool combo pots and maybe even a Fairie garden or two. 

Here are the finished ones all tucked in for the fall and winter.  They should be able to make some good root systems by the spring, and then start making babies all over again.  These little plants amaze me.  They are just happy to be pretty much anywhere where they can soak up the sunshine and their feet won't stay wet.

We should all try hard to flourish where we are, right?

The rest of the pictures from this potting session are linked to the right ---------> (under links to photo albums).   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a Doodler, So Sue Me

I am a Doodler.  I doodle at meetings, in classes, when I'm on the phone, when I'm watching training videos, at the Dr's office waiting room, on airplanes etc.  Lucky for me, the head honchos that I deal with for training classes in my own agency and at the FFIEC A> are both well-educated about HOW to train people, GET it, and even ENCOURAGE it (my agency's training lady even puts out pipe cleaners, playdoh, and/or various other things to play with while you are listening in class), and B> know me well enough to know that I am (ALMOST always) fully paying attention. 

The other people in classes though.....UGH.  You people drive me nuts with your little remarks about the doodling.  To me, when you are sitting in a class staring blankly at the front of the room rarely even blinking, it doesn't look like you are listening, it looks like you might be a serial killer. 

Research shows that you have to have TWO areas of your learning centers engaged in order to retain information.  That means that if I'm listening to you read me a 200 slide powerpoint presentation and I'm not doing anything else.....I'm not hearing you. (People that READ their powerpoint slides to me are a topic of a whole 'nother rant.  As is the use of the phrase "a whole 'nother"). 

Last week I was in a week-long class which included 11 students and 8 trainers.  I was expected all kinds of crap for the doodling, but only got a passing comment from 2 of the trainers, and as usual, three of four of the class participants.  It usually doesn't bother me in the least, but last week was a little stressful and so it bugged me more than normal. 

Just so ya' know, while I'm doodling, I'll retain about 30% more of the information than the guy sitting next to me staring in to space.  And that is science. 

From a TIME: SCIENCE article:

" Doodling, in contrast, requires very few executive resources but just enough cognitive effort to keep you from daydreaming, which — if unchecked — will jump-start activity in cortical networks that will keep you from remembering what's going on. Doodling forces your brain to expend just enough energy to stop it from daydreaming but not so much that you don't pay attention."

And here's a Ted talk about the subject:

There's lots of research to back this up.  So hey you doodling naysayers.....BACK OFF.

Just for the record, here are the things I doodled last week in class:

I'm going to start carrying the research with me to all my classes.  I swear. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A late-night chat with my favorite geek.

About a week ago, I used a little award I got @ work to purchase a new Keurig machine.  We LOVE it.  Even Jason, not really a coffee drinker, is all about it and has changed his daily routine to include a cup of coffee on the back porch. 

This past weekend I ordered a few boxes of Kcups, but they haven't arrived yet. Jason was worried that he was using all the cups, and thus resulted the following exchange:

do they sell K cups in stores locally?
or is it all online?
yes they do! they have them @ Target I know, and probably Wally World
k... cuz I feel bad I'm drinking all the ones we have.
at least if we can go get more that will be cool.
yeah and we can even get a carousel
like... with ponies?
yes with ponies. We can put it out in the back 40
oooooh purrty
ain't it?
seems like... it would just be neater to have a cover or something for whatever box they come in
and you just take them from the bottom of the box
or... whatever.
filling the carousel is like... the antithesis of the k cup philosophy
of coffee for little or no work.
I mean... having to unload the box, then reload them into the carousel is like raising the activation energy needed to attain said cup of coffee
"the antithesis of the k cup philosophy"
well maybe we could just get the carousel for the VARIETY coffees, and the teas and donut shop coffee something else

ooh I found one!
ok lemme see
its awesome
zero entropy to the system.
I love you
We can use my pretty red bowl that the garden district gave me!!
yea that sounds like an idea
I mean i guess if you like keeping around like 5 or so different types
one of those would be cool
did you take your medicine?

Typical exchange for midnight on a work night.  He keeps me real and takes good care of me :)