Friday, October 21, 2011

THIS is one of the main reasons I moved to the coast...

Left work a little early today to get a jumpstart on my weekend @ Mom's.  Got to Bay St. Louis (BSL), and it occurred to me that Friday is Dale's day off. (Dale is my BFF from College, for those of you who are new readers.)  I have been needing to go to BSL to look in several antique/vintage junk stores AND the Mockingbird Cafe, where both Dale and her 12 year old son have art for sale.

So taking a big chance because Dale always has 1400 things going on for herself, and 210 things going for each of her 4 kids, I called her. And By George!, she answered!  AND, she was AT THAT MOMENT standing in one of the very stores I wanted to visit.  So I turned off the interstate while she ran to get her girls and we met up at the Mockingbird for some pumpkin spiced lattes and planning. 

The #3 painting, entitled SPIN, is mine (well I hope it is shortly. I've requested a payment plan).  So back off. 
Here is a better picture of one of Aidan's pear paintings
Then I sat down with the girls for our afternoon coffee and a littlest pet shop sorting session.  I'm all about sorting (and resorting and resorting and resorting) things.  Tlearn Dale's youngest is as sort-happy as I am was fun.

Dale's kids are so beautiful, and so COOL (of course).  They are super-neat kids to be around.  I'm so glad I'm going to get to know them. 

So we finished our coffees, then we took off for an hour or so of junking! 

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