Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Very Belated, Junky THANK YOU!

A couple of months ago, I finally shipped off a doodle which had been requested by a friend of mine from high school.  In return, she sent me JUNK.

Let me be clear, this was SUPER-COOL and specifically requested junk!

She lives in Singapore, and I thought oooooooo!  I bet she can send me cool junk mail/ paper/ etc in a different language that I can use for collage projects.


She sent SEVERAL newspapers in multiple languages!  Of course I have no clue what they ARE, but wow the text is BEAUTIFUL.  Feel free to tell me what these languages are!

 I wish I knew what some of the things said.  This little blurb on page one of this paper does not look like a very positive story...  I don't want to collage things with BAD VIBES.  I may have to stick to the obvious "good news" stories, classified ads, or TV listings! Still, the little drawing is pretty funny is a strange, warped way teehee!
The ads are awesome.  I recognize WAY more items than I thought I might, and lots of things have both English and non-English captions.  This particular man looks quite excited about some pickled vegetables!

The classified ads are fun.  These pink ones will be cooooool in a collage - maybe I'll start on that one first!

The package also had several cool brochures and magazines, including one for the Singapore ZOO (which I'd LOVE to visit), what I think is like a TV guide, and one little magazine I can't quite classify....half of it seems to by about a dinosaur exhibit for kids, and the other half is what must be recipes?  Odd.

There is a super cool magazine about FAMOUS PEOPLE AND THEIR DOGS, which has migrated elsewhere in the house (I'm not sure where at this juncture), but totally deserves its own blog post anyway because it is awesome.

 I'm thinking my fashion sense would fit right in over there....
She also sent a couple of very cool gift bags, including this one for Civet Poop coffee!!!! (Have you seen the movie The Bucket List? HAhahahahaha) Can't wait to use this bag in something!

So THANK YOU , THANK YOU SHERI!!!!  I have already immensely enjoyed just browsing through all this goodness you sent and now I can't wait to actually start tearing it up and using it :)