Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part The End - Nov. 14

Lastly, I want to post the introductory comments of one of the organizers of the event last night. I couldn't say anything more perfect:

"There are so many people to thank that it would take the Pike County phonebook and recite it from A-Z because it takes a great community to nourish and cherish a great artist.

McComb, Mississippi is that community and Roger Lawrence is that artist. We are very fortunate to know both and we thank you all.

We honor Roger Lawrence as he has graced us with a spectacular presence in our collective lives and hearts.

Thank You Roger.

Thank you for the rivers on our walls, the pumpkin in our library, the indian, the Topisaw, the waterfall, the still life writ large in watercolor, oil, tempera, chalk, crayon, and dust.

Thank you for the Bouge Chitto halcyon days where our summers are now reflections on water, glen and glade. Where cypress tree cathedrals conspire with kudzu under cobalt skies and golden suns.

Thank you for the back-beat at The Courtyard dances when our 'Generation' was 'New' and all the rage.

Thank you for opening your studio door that opened our hearts, minds and souls with your gentle words and passions that took fire.

Thank you for teaching our children, our mothers, fathers, sisters and sons; that we too are artists when we follow your lead.

Thank you for the stiple brushes you gave, the splatters and splashes you made with color wheels exploding into space.

But most of all thank you for this hour of bringing us together with your friends whom are not divided by time or age.

Thank You Roger Lawrence for making our world your canvas. Because of you our lives are even more beautiful and true.

Thank You Roger."

-Bill Tyler -

Part II - Nov. 14

So I went to McComb to attend said event (benefit for Roger Lawrence) with my Mom and my Aunt Frances.
It was FUN. Back in my Mom's high school days, Roger was in a band called "New Generation" with Jim Hewitt, who I ended up growing up across the street from. Jim's son, Jamey, is a year younger than me. We grew up together building forts in our backyards.
Last night, Jamey got together with his uncle and 2 other awesome musicians and gave an AWESOME blues concert for us. I knew Jamey played guitar, but WHO KNEW he could sing like that?!!! I had no idea - I was BLOWN AWAY! It was awesome!
Then we got to hear a few songs from Bobby Lounge - blues pianist/ singer/ and all around entertainer - whose song "I remember the night your trailer burned down", about how he and Jimmy were in the livingroom talkin' about a watermelon grow'd as big around as a white wall tire and wasn't studyin' no fire is one of my favs. His songs also discuss a family whose house had fallen off the foundation so they were having to watch TV on a 45 degree angle and feed their mama, who had rolled under the bed and gotten stuck, out of the cat dish. was good to laugh.
And good to be surrounded by familiar faces, generous friends, and a community that I couldn't wait to get out of but I have grown to appreciate more and more as the years go by.

Part I - Nov. 14

Roger Lawrence is an artist from my hometown of McComb, Missisippi. No, I don't know him well, but I've known OF him my whole life. He's a fixture in McComb. Graduated high school with my mother. (I found out last night, in fact, that my mother was his 1st grade girlfriend - Scandolous! lol) Taught art to many of my friends and family. Pieces of his art hang in many homes I have visited throughout my life.

Last night, the town in which I grew up came together to celebrate Roger Lawrence and to help out a friend. Roger is sick, can't paint right now, can't talk without the aid of a computer, and is walking with a walker. The link to the whole story is here:

One thing that amazes me about his art is the variety.

Watercolors in bright colors.

Oil landscapes so real you can feel the cool breezes off the river.

Pointillism portraits of familiar faces.

And the list goes on...!/album.php?aid=14383&id=123259717696999

Friday, November 12, 2010

I live with a Wookie


Pros Part II

My sister-in-law's family is huge and fun, welcoming, thoughtful, and they love my brother and my niece.
Udda has a pool! (Thanks for reminding me Kathleen ;) )
They are already settled in Biloxi, so can send us to vets, doctors, hair salons, etc. We won't have to wade through loads of these before we find good ones.
My sister-in-law's grandmother is the oldest practicing attorney in Mississippi. And her brother is a lawyer too. Just in case we get sued for being fabulous.

A new CON also:
The Mississippi Master Gardeners want me to go back through their classes to participate in their volunteer activities, even though I've been a Louisiana Master Gardener for over 5 years. But they only have classes during weekdays. And I work.

I'm super bummed about this. But, maybe it'll be a good break, and I'm sure I'll find other ways to garden and learn and volunteer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pros and Cons

Cons for moving:
I love my house
I love my neighborhood
I love my work group

Pros for moving:
My brother & Alex
Easier for my mother to visit us both in one place
My BFF Dale is there
My BFF Charlotte is there
My BCF Holly is there
Closer to other family too, plus I'll have out of town work in Jackson where the rest of my family is.
May have out of town work in Starkville and McComb
New house, with yard and room to garden, modern amenities, possibly a pool (I can't buy that where I want to live in Baton Rouge)
Comfortable, familiar job but in new surroundings, with new people and fresh challenges
I can go to Kaylin's dance recitals, take her to a random movie on a Thursday afternoon, take her to school occasionally, get to know her friends, help her with homework, but still sleep late most mornings ;)
My bean-o loves the beach
Still close enough to NOLA to go do fun stuff there
My brain feels relaxed when looking at giant expanses of water
Fresh start/ perspective/ challenges/ friends/ surroundings for Jason and me
My realtor is cool

What was I saying?

Oh right - so......WE ARE MOVING. I'm having daily panic attacks about it, but honestly things could not be falling in to place better. I put a casual word out around April of this year that I wanted to move to the coast, thinking that MAYBE it would happen in 2-5 years.

And then in October I got a call from the Supervisor in Mississippi that he had a spot for me. And the rest is a whirlwind of trying to figure out logistics and finances and omg I don't do CHANGE well.

I mean, I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but I'm so SETTLED here. I have my nest made. I am comfortable.........yeah maybe TOO comfortable.

Jason and I have never moved together, never bought a house together. I bought the house we live in now before I met him. And I love my house. LOVE it. I can't give it up, so we are going to rent it out. I can't let I think it is a good move financially because we don't owe much on it and it should be easy to rent out.

And that's where we are at this juncture.