Wednesday, November 23, 2011


See, I CAN learn from my mistakes.  For example, I checked the expiration date on this baking powder I was about to use.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Last Sunday my cousin Holly and I went over to the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Covington, LA.  Jason agreed to go too  - a great surprise!  I always love having him with me, of course, but he usually skips out of this sort of festivity.  I can sometimes convince him to go look at art, though.  He likes very realistic paintings, and we saw a couple of good ones at Peter Anderson the weekend before. 

We didn't see much in the way of realism at Three Rivers, but we did get to see my friend Amy (Andree's sister), who is a fabulous painter.  Her paintings are very colorful, sort of stained-glassy looking, fun works of art.  Flowers, fruits, and the occasional ballerina...they would brighten any spot!  I WILL have one, one of these days.  I need to save my $ for it!

Here's the link to the facebook page for her art.!/AmyCGlisan?sk=wall

Amy's "Plants of the Bible" series is currently on exhibition at the Bible Museum in Monroe, Louisiana.  The Bible Museum is part of Biedenharn Museum & Gardens.  The Biedenharn includes the historic home , formal garden, Bible Museum and Coke Museum. Joseph A. Biedenharn was the first bottler of Coca-Cola and he built his home in Monroe in 1914.   

Here's an article about the exhibit:

I love looking at all the different art.  It makes we want to come home and try to create something.  Of course doing anything like these artists do is way beyond my talent level, but I like to putter around and try things. 

The only thing I bought was an AWESOME little shadow box for Kaylin's room at my house from Fused and Flamework Glass artist Fath Wickey. 

I had the HARDEST time deciding which one to buy; she had several that I loved.  She even had a couple of little dogs which were darling.  She also had really amazing LONG versions of the one I got.  They were a way out of my budget, but man-o-man they were BEAUTIFUL.  I was happy with the price of my little box - $65.  The colors are perfect for Kaylin's room and I love the shapes of each little flower. 
After the festival, we stopped in Slidell to visit our Aunt Billie and Uncle Mike.  They left later in the week to spend two weeks in Turkey.  Thanksgiving in Turkey. They probably won't be having turkey though, I'm sure.  It was such a good day, and I'm glad I'm finally climbing out from under all the work/ home/ location adjustments and DOING what I moved here to do - spend more time with my family. 

Dear Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,

Where have you been all my life? 

You helped me turn crappy, $2 Goodwill picture frames

Into these picture frames.  In minutes!

I want to paint everything in my house now.  Come over and visit.  I may just paint YOU!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

1st Annual Peter Anderson Festival

Well, 1st one for us anyway.  The P.A. Festival is one of the biggest deals on the coast.  300ish local , potters, jewelry makers, painters, woodworkers, etc. set up booths along the two main streets in Ocean Springs.  There is festival food (Funnel cakes and fried oreos!), live music, and the people watching is great.

Jason and I live within walking distance of all this fabulosity.  It makes me very happy. 

As usual, I was out of town all last week.  Jason scrubbed and laundered and mowed and edged and fluffed, and then Friday night he made a big batch of his famous White Chicken Chili.  All I had to do was come home.  He rocks SO HARD.

Mom came and spent the night Friday night. Scot, Alex, and Kaylin came over Saturday morning.  Jason offered to run a shuttle service for us since we weren't sure how long Kaylin would make it. He drove us up the street and picked us up, which worked out perfectly. 

Kaylin was fun and hilarious, but she did NOT want to sit in her stroller, nor did she want to be held.  She was only happy when she could run around on her own.  There were WAY too many people for that, plus myriad dogs, security dudes in gold carts, and etc., then she got hungry and had to have a pulled pork sandwich from The Shed. Needless to say, we only got through about 1/3 the booths.

But it was all good, because reinforcements were on the way!  Soon after we got back to the house, two of my kids (coworkers of mine) from NOLA arrived to see the new house and go to the festival.  Jason went too this time, and we made it through the whole thing.  It really was great.  So many BEAUTIFUL things. 
I bought a great limited-edition print of the coast with the barrier islands.

I love that it has a little Walter Anderson drawing at Horn Island
I also fell in love at first sight with this Starfish platter.  I bought the last two the artist had. They were only $35!

UGH I just want to HUG IT. 

Sunday, we thought about going back, but opted to veg out and watch a Big Bang marathon.  Holly and Chris came to hang out, which made the weekend complete.  Awesome weekend, awesome festival.  Next year we hope to have even more of you over.  Free parking here!