Thursday, July 31, 2014

Detail: Day 3

Dear Diary, Day 3 of captivity. 

  • Water machine – I have got to get myself a “real” cup to use. 
  • Air quality – They shut the air conditioning in the building off at 6pm, which means in the morning it is super muggy and hot. Yet another argument for a later start time. 
  • Coffee availability – UGH.  I may have to resort to going to the 2nd floor for coffee. 
  • Team aggravation level: 1
  • Snack availability – excellent – people keep bringing in cookies, cake, candy, cheese, trail mix, crackers….
  • Ability to stick to Weight Watchers – 0  Don’t judge me.  I totally stuck to it for the first 60 hours of the detail.  I’m still trying to figure it out. 
  • Days I had to go get my own lunch in a row:  3.  This cannot continue. 


Detail - Day 2 (Wednesday the 30th)

I am on a 12 week detail (not in row – 12 weeks between now and Thanksgiving) to my employer’s central office to write requests/ requirements for our examination software.  I really can’t complain, it’s a very nice office, and the hotel is literally attached to the building.  There is a Whole Foods right across the street. I love the people I am working with.  Still, it’s not my own bed or shower, my hubby is not with me, and there are no schnauzers to snuggle.  In an effort to maintain my sanity, I turn to journaling…

Dear Diary, Day 2 of captivity.  Our room has fluorescent lighting and no windows, but the authorities have provided an amazing crushed ice/water machine right across the hall.  I suspect it is these little joys that will see us through the dark days ahead.  There are currently 7 people in the room with me.  2 groups of 3, and our project leader. The remaining 5 team members are in other small rooms.   

Morning ratings, day 2: 

·         Water machine – optimal, but cuppage is poor.  The “Certified Compostable” “Lining made from plants, not petroleum” cups provided deteriorate far too rapidly when ice is introduced.  Interesting, given the same cups hold very hot coffee with no discernible declension. 
·         Air quality – excellent.  I am neither cold nor hot.
·         Coffee availability – poor.  The urns were almost empty this morning and I had to mix three different roasts. 
·         Team aggravation level:  0 on a scale of 1-10

Stay tuned for further updates and tweaking of the newly developed rating system.