Thursday, June 25, 2009

My friend Lori is not quite right

(and I'm probably not either).

Phone rings
ME: Hello
LORI: I'm about to say something really mean.
ME: Shoot.
LORI: I hope there's as big of a fight over Micheal Jackson's body as there was over Anna Nicole's. That was amazing.
ME: You are so wrong. Didn't he want to be frozen or something?
LORI: I don't think he has much say in the matter at this point.

Yeah... she and I were both glued to the TV for the whole Anna Nicole thing, the whole Britney-Going-Nuts thing, etc. etc. So I'm sure we'll be glued to this too. There's bound to be drama.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Evan is my last trainees' baby. Is he not the cutest? I love picture #1. I believe that he is practicing for his So You Think You Can Dance audition in 2029.


Meredith has a cat, Spike, that doesn't know he's a cat. He thinks he's a Labrador retriever and acts accordingly. Spike enjoys watching the world from the front porch, eating Meredith's plants, and flying to Dallas to play with her Uncle Jake, who is an ACTUAL Labrador retriever.

Cookie is honing his disapproval techniques.

Cookie disapproves of grafitti on his sweet ride.

Cookie disapproves of camping.

Cookie disapproves of his family going on a Florida vacation.

Cookie disapproves of wrinkled sheets.

I got flowers yesterday

For no reason! I love my hubby!!!!

Office of Redundancy Office

I was reviewing the minutes of a meeting today and saw:

"ULP filed regarding the agencies unwillingness to negotiate the PE 12 Panel issue that the agency has been unwilling to negotiate. " [sic]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lauren my coworker (not the Lauren with the bunny called Cookie) adopted a mixed breed little dog from animal rescue last year. He is part schnauzer/ part gremlin. Is he not the CUTEST?! He's also sweet sweet sweet. We took him for a walk in Audubon Park last week and after some initial excitement, he did great. Only barked ONCE at a goose that was hissing at him. My dogs would have been out of control with the amount of people, other dogs, and large fowl in the area.

And yeah....his hair does that on it's own. We think it's his superpower.