Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lauren my coworker (not the Lauren with the bunny called Cookie) adopted a mixed breed little dog from animal rescue last year. He is part schnauzer/ part gremlin. Is he not the CUTEST?! He's also sweet sweet sweet. We took him for a walk in Audubon Park last week and after some initial excitement, he did great. Only barked ONCE at a goose that was hissing at him. My dogs would have been out of control with the amount of people, other dogs, and large fowl in the area.

And yeah....his hair does that on it's own. We think it's his superpower.


Lauren said...

OMG SOOO CUTE!!! Ozzie loves his auntie Sonya!

Lauren M said...

I love Ozzie! He looks like he is part schnauzer and part chinese crested with that faux hawk! The name Ozzie is perfect for him. I want to use his picture for my desktop because it would make me smile all day to see his cute face and cool hairdo.

Becky Lane Griffin said...

That is the cutest dog ever been seen by me!