Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pastoral? In Starkville?? Why, yes!

Sally and I went riding around in the country looking for an antique store we used to go to when I was at school at Mississippi State.  The antique store had shut down, but we found a field full of sheep we just had to stop and photograph.  I had my new camera with me, and I'm trying to learn how to use it.  I would say I know about .25% of what I need to know.  But still, I got a couple of good shots by accident.  This place was gorgeous, the weather was gorgeous, and my company couldn't have been better :)  It was a pretty awesome Saturday. 

World's most perfect tree?

Sheep!  Baaaaaaaaaaah.  They were so cute.

I like the composition on this one sort of.  And I'm impressed that I know the word composition.

And here's one Sally took. With her IPhone. Damn it all. The color is so much better than mine. Look at that sky!!!!  Look at the composition!  Of course, she is a professional artist and I am an accountant, so I'm going to use that as an excuse. 

I need to know how to fix this please.  The color I mean, not that I'm an accountant.

Honey badger don't care about GRAVITY

Yeah, that's Jason in the background trying to hide from the camera.  And yes, she put herself in this position on purpose.  Because she is weird. 

What I could not resist

A pelican plant waterer, a white camel planter, and two little terriers to put in a garden container.

The pelican goes with my other old birdie waterer.  I've had this one for YEARS - never had seen another one.

Things I didn't buy, but may regret later

I collect snack sets.  Had never seen one like this, but it was missing 2 cups, and I have rules. 

Geometric-y milk glass candy dish.  But I'm looking for a sugar bowl.

"unnecessary" quotes that made me go "hmmmm..."

Seen in some antique store - can't remember where. 

Vintage postcard in antique store.

Random stuff that makes me smile:

Synchronized Schnauzers