Thursday, August 5, 2010

Winter/ Spring 2010

LOLITA - ok I know. Kiddie porn. But I wanted to know what all the hype was after all these years. And honestly, it by far wasn't the worst inappropriate relationship book I've ever read (I'm LOOKING AT YOU, PIERS ANTHONY, WHO CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD AS A YOUNG ADULT WITH ONE OF YOUR SMUT BOOKS, WHICH I AM OBVIOUSLY STILL ANGRY ABOUT. I've never read anything else by Piers Anthony. And when I was young I really liked that pun-ridden series of his. Now I can't even remember what that series is because of that one book of his (which wasn't even in the series) THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE XXX SECTION AND NOT IN THE YOUNG ADULT SECTION. And I mean really. I'm not a prude. But you can't just go around catching people off guard with that nastiness.)

So yeah Lolita. Whatever. In the days of Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee whatshername that was kidnapped and found 17 years later Lolita is not all that shocking.

CLOUD ATLAS - Wow I really liked this. It was just good. And different. The whole a-butterfly-flaps-his-wings-and-500-years-later kind of thing. This is one I can actually see myself re-reading. And I never re-read books. Well.....very rarely.

And then, at about this point in the year, I lost my Dad. And then in order to cope, I lost myself in books. It's a comfort. An escape. A reminder of the blessings I do have. So I re-read THE COLOUR OF MAGIC. The 1st book in the Pratchett Discworld series. May seem inappropriate, but I knew it would make me smile, and I knew I wouldn't have to think. So it helped me through the first few days of February.

BELOVED (Toni Morrison) - Again, I just wanted to know what the hype was. And wow I was blown away. Beautiful writing. VERY surprising story. I honestly never expected either (the writing or the story). Who'd have expected supernatural occurrences in an Oprah book?

RAINBOW'S END - Ugh. It wasn't bad, but it was just sort of blah. And yet for some reason it has stuck in my head like a bad song. When I'm taking my morning walk, it sneaks up on me and all of a sudden I'm visualizing all the data I'd be bombarded with if I was "wearing".

IN THE SANCTUARY OF THE OUTCASTS - Note to self: I need to write a blog entry about my experiences @ Carville (and also the word DisEase). This is a book that was written by a guy who was in the minimum security prison at Carville at the time when half of the facility was the prison and half was still the Hanson's Disease Center. Hanson's Disease used to be called Leprosy. I have been out to Carville many times over the years to work in their credit union. It is one of the most amazing places on earth. There are several books written by patients - this one is from a different perspective. I totally get it.

ALREADY DEAD: A NOVEL - Jason had this downloaded on the Kindle so I read it. I'm sick of vampires. Sick.
MARCH (Geraldine Brooks) - Great book. Pulitzer winner 2005. Remember the March sisters from Little Women? Remember that their Dad was off to war? Will this book from HIS perspective. His commitment to the Civil War and the sad consequences of having too much pride.
ok I think that's all through about....Feb? Mar? Sometime around there.

Here's what I read up until the summer:

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