Saturday, October 2, 2010

A most perfect 36ish hours

Left Baton Rouge early Wednesday morning. Stressed a little about work, but excited to have some Kaylin time.

Met the realtor in Ocean Springs for our first ride-around. I had only met her once in her office. LOVE her! She's awesome. Fun, she seems to "get" me. We had a blast looking at houses. There are two I did not hate. One I think I would seriously consider IF they came down about $80K HA!!!!

It's an "Ishee" house. Ishee being the Frank Lloyd Wright or A Hayes Town of the Gulf Coast. The house is cool. REALLY cool. Lots of character. And has lots of features I DO like, but...3 features that sort of weird me out.

1> It has a loft over the great room that is only accessible by a little attic-style ladder. It seemed sturdy. I went up the ladder. practical would that be?

2> It has a giant tub IN the master bedroom. Which you get into by walking up three CARPETED stairs. ok um......EWWWWWWWWWW. That has to go. #1 - carpet in general creeps me out completely. And #2 - that's too much nakedness and moisture and humidity in my bedroom kthanks.

3> It has a giant unfinished 2 story garage - bigger than the one we remodeled here. And honestly I don't know WHY this garage gives me anxiety, but it does. It's great storage room. It's great potential pool house in the future. But for some reason it causes me significant concern.
So I think I would want this house if that tub was GONE and replaced by a fantastic master closet, that garage was gone or some sage was burned in it or there was an exorcism in it or something, and of course, if the price was WAY less. I'm not saying I don't think it's worth what they want for it, I just don't have that kind of $. PLUS I'd have to put a pool in myself.

I do love how it's very open in the great room but then has lots of little nooks and crannies. There's room for my piano even.

House #2 is even more promising, but it has a super-tiny plunge pool that, at first, I thought was a good feature but now I'm thinking may be a deal breaker. I want a bigger one. Not huge, but I need to be able to swim a lap. Plus, there's really nowhere for me to have a good studio.

So we keep looking. We aren't in a hurry. I haven't had the precognitive dream I usually have about this sort of huge life-change, so I'm not rushing anything. In the meantime, I'm feeling out the area and it's feeling better and better each time.

After looking at houses all day, I got to see that baby!!!! And OMG I ate her alive with just a little salt and pepper.

She is hilarious and I could just sit and watch her and squeeze her all day long. My brother and Alex are the best, funniest parents of all time. It is so amazing to watch them and see how much they enjoy this little girl.

She goes to bed @ 7pm, and Scot and Alex go to bed @ about 7:15 (hehee) so I left and went to Barnes and Noble to meet my Daley-Dale! On the way I texted Holly (my cuz) and she came by too. We hung out there until they closed @ 9pm (LAME), and then Holly went home and Dale and I went to Waffle house, where we sat until 10:45 peeling crayons and explaining to everybody in the Waffle House why we were peeling crayons. (It was for an art project - Dale teaches art at an elementary school).

Then I met Charlotte for breakfast at Denney's Thursday morning. Charlotte!!!! Whom I haven't seen since, oh.....1979 or something crazy like that (well it feels like that long anyway). She and her hubby are moving to the coast and looking for a house right now TOO. SEE!! I seriously feel that all lines are converging and leading me to the Mississippi Coast. But I'm taking it slow.

I have no doubt that things will all fall into place when they are supposed to.

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DCshutrbug said...

You could turn that bathtub into an awesome indoor garden!