Monday, April 7, 2008

Giant Schnauzer Fun Day

One of our friends in Baton Rouge had a "Giant Schnauzer Fun Day" for East Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. There were 19 giants there, plus Schaffer. Fun was had by all. There was also a grooming lesson. When those "professional" schnauzer people (they are all breeders/handlers/etc) saw the way Greta and Schaffer were groomed they said "Oh that will just not do." They showed us how to give them an underline instead of a skirt like the pet store groomers gave them. I have to say that they do look much more schnauzery.
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Julie said...

Love the giants and would love to see more pictures!

jhebaus said...

I am moving to the forth worth/ dallas area. I hope to find some more giants there. I have yet to meet another one livining mn.
Are there any more meet ups planned in TX?