Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garden update

Spring is busting out all over.

Jellybean sedum in a pot of dianthus. I'm thinking that when it gets hot and the dianthus croaks, the little jellybeans will fill this whole pot.

A little sedum. I have one full pot of it - this is a piece I started last fall in another pot.

Amaryllis about to bloom. These are bulbs that came with my house (built in 1920) and they are HUGE.

A variegated hydrangea I've been trying to grow for about 3 years in about 4 different places. This is BY FAR the happiest growth it's ever had, so I'm hopeful for it's future.

Giant Ligularia. Getting giant!

Crested (yellow-spotted) ligularia. I hope it continues to do this well!

Variegated abutilon. I hope it gets taller because right now you have to lay on the ground to see the inside of the bells.

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