Thursday, February 28, 2008

Greta’s weird eating habits

After reading this hilarious account called "I has a sweet potato" @ (linked from
I was thinking of all the things Greta has eaten:
· 45 sticks of butter (with wrappers) (not all at one time)
· 125 pears (she will knock you down for a pear)
· 2 pounds of raw chicken (at one time)
· Pizza (she can open a pizza box and get pizza and let the lid close back and you'll never know she was there - really - I've seen her do it)
· 2 boxes of liquor-filled chocolates
· 3 tubes of $25 Clarins lip remedy (two of which she managed to get out of my snapped or zipped purse) *
· An alleve **
· Several Ibuprofen **
· A zoloft (ok in her defense, we accidentally gave her a zoloft because it looked exactly like her thyrozine) *
· A bottle of steriod eyedrops (5 minutes after we got home from Jason's eye surgery) *
· 5 Mocha Lattes (Chocolate coffee + big beard = mess)
· A bag of flour (Flour + water = Glue) (See recently posted pics)
· A few bags of oranges, she doesn't bother apples much
· 2 tubes of antibiotic salve *
· A tube of anti-fungal cream *
· A rock (wait - you need a visual of this. Jason has a collection of mineral specimens that Greta has sniffed a couple of times but generally leaves alone. One night she started going crazy with a toy, jumping around, spinning in circles, running back and forth, and then she went "spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, EAT A ROCK") WTF?!? It was too fast for us to get the rock out of her mouth.
· Fish out of a hot pan (another one you need a visual for - she actually got the spatula from the pan STUCK IN HER COLLAR)
· 5 bags of garlic bread (with the foil bag)
· A jar of peanut butter (that's a plastic jar which she managed to get the lid off of)
· Who knows how many chocolate bars, crackers, etc.

* = prompted a call to poison control
** = prompted a call to the vet or pharmacist

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