Friday, February 15, 2008

Car cabin fever

Wednesday - Drove to New Orleans Wednesday morning. Finished listening to my last book-on-tape (Mirror, Mirror). Stayed overnight @ the loverly Hampton Inn.

Thursday - Left New Orleans @ 3:30pm for a 5pm board meeting in Denham Springs. Got to Metairie @ 4:15. Got to Millerville Road in Baton Rouge @ 5:30, and finally just pulled into a parking lot and conducted my joint conference from the car. Turned around @ 6pm and drove BACK to New Orleans, stayed overnight @ Hampton. Remember that all this time I DID NOT HAVE A BOOK to listen too. AND - it was dark so I couldn't very well read my "real" book. AND - WWL had SPORTS RADIO on. AND - I was already too far out of New Orleans to listen to that "reading to the blind" radio station., so I was forced to listen to NPR, even though usually I'd rather poke my eyes out.

Friday - Left downtown New Orleans @ 3:40pm, got to Kenner at 5:30. That's right. FIVE THIRTY. As in almost TWO HOURS later. Got home a little before 7pm. Again - NO BOOK ON TAPE - TOO DARK TO READ. I finally actually plugged in my i-pod, which I don't have any books on right now, and listened to music. I won't get into a long explanation here about why I generally don't listen to music while I drive. It actually wasn't too bad, and maybe (just maybe) I'll do it again sometime.

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