Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Perfect breakfast

Last Saturday Jason woke me up at 8am to go get breakfast. 8. am. as in, in the morning. But he promised me waffles so I was in. We went to waffle house because LAST time we went to eat breakfast he SAID waffle house, but he MEANT Ihop, and I was all disappointed. SO we went to waffle house, and it was as smelly and greasy as he said it was and there was a wait, so we left and went to i-hop, but there was a longer wait, so we went to Louie's. Louie's is a local dive near LSU campus and it's usually hard to get in, but we got seats at the counter pretty fast.

It was the best waffle I EVER had. Perfect. AND - to make it even better, there was CANE SYRUP. REAL cane syrup. Which I would like to take a bath in. And the coffee was perfect to the point that Jason even liked it and he's more of a tea person.

And the fruit had watermelon in it. In February. But it was still good.

And all that made me think about a weekend that Jason and I spent with my friend Charlotte at her family's sugar plantation in St. Martinsville and how much I loved the little biscuits with fig preserves and cane syrup they had for us for breakfast every morning. And there were other parts of that weekend that were great too, but did I mention the biscuits and fig preserves and cane syrup?

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