Thursday, June 5, 2008

Patience is a virtue (thank God for zoloft)

So my trip up to Colorado Monday was not too bad, except that I had to wait on the plane in Dallas for 3 hours before we took off. First we didn't have a pilot, then when we were on our way down the runway some kind of gauge failed so we had to go back, wait for a gate, and then wait to get it fixed. I used to get SO annoyed and upset about stuff like that. I would have sat on the plane fuming and miserable and probably making a few people around me a little more miserable unknowingly.

I think part of it my new attitude is because of the zoloft but part is because I TRY to have a different perspective on things than I used to. I try not to sweat that kind of stuff as much. I still got to Colorado, and I got here safely. It put me about 1/2 a day behind on work, but I can catch that up. By the time I got to the rental car place I was tired but glad to be there. There was only a couple of people in line ahead of me. When I got to the counter, the lady helping me had a nametag that said something like "I'm Gayle and I'm in training" or something like that. She seemed frazzled.

A man came running in the office. Apparently his daughter left something in the car they just dropped off. Someone was supposed to be bringing it around, but they hadn't yet. Another guy came in and said he couldn't get in the car they assigned him. She had to stop helping me to assign him another car. I just pulled my book out and read a few pages. When she started looking at my reservation, she just sighed and said they didn't have any intermediate cars, all they had was a van or a jeep and would I take one of those? I said sure, I'll take the jeep. She typed a minute into the computer and then said "oh no, the jeep is two upgrades, but you know what? You've been so patient I'm going to make it work."

When I got in the car, I immediately found an AWESOME radio station - 97.3 out of Denver. The first song I heard was Gone, Gone, Gone (Robert Plant and Alison Kraus), which I had been humming all week anyway. The second song was Coldplay. On the hour drive up to Longmont, I heard The Cure, Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, The Grateful Dead, Violent Femmes, The Shins...a really great mix. They stream on-line too. I'm sure I'll be listening to them a lot.

The drive up was beautiful. I could see the Rockies. It was sunny but cool. The directions I printed out from Mapquest were easy.

Karma, baby. It all works out in the end.

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Sarah said...

I too wish we lived closer. You have much to teach me starting with patience and gardening :)