Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why do I treat my pets like family?

Recent conversation with my mother on the phone:

Mom: How much does Greta weigh?
Me: 57 pounds. Why?
Mom: Well, we took Mattie to the vet today, and he said she could lose a few.

(Mattie is the stray "puppy" that my brother showed up with about 8 years ago that still lives with my parents)

Me: How much does she weigh?
Mom: Like 65 pounds.

(Mattie is about 2 feet shorter than Greta)

Me: Huh, how about that. How did she do at the vet? (thinking how she freaks out and won't move when you put a leash on her and isn't thrilled about the car)
Mom: Oh she did SO good. (pause) So she had to have an ice cream sandwich when we got home...

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