Monday, June 20, 2011

Total Blonde Moment

This is how crazy I am on a normal day.  So...I'm at work, reviewing loan files.  The files all look like the one in the picture (except they have a real loan note as the outside of the packet instead of a scribbled fake one I made to take this picture (don't want to be giving out confidential info)).

OK so to make sure we are clear:  lots of paperwork folded up, placed inside ONE sheet of paper which is folded in half and stapled with one staple at the top to make a sort of packet for each loan.  Follow? 

So as I'm picking up the 6th loan in my stack it dawns on me....that I can just SLIDE ALL THE PAPERWORK OUT OF THE PACKET (which is, after all, only one sheet of paper, folded in half, with one staple at the top. 

Yep.  That little stack of staples beside the loan is from the 5 loans I looked at first, from which I carefully removed the staple, unfolded the outside paper, reviewed the paperwork, replaced the paperwork in the outside paper, folded, and restapled the paper back together into the neat little packet. 

I know.  Scary that they let me out of my cage, right??

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