Sunday, July 3, 2011

Burying my Head in Books

I'm realizing how long it's been since I've blogged about what I have read, so here's the list of the rest of 2010.  I'm limiting myself to a 1 line comment on each...(yeah, right). 
THE ART OF THE STEAL- great fun for people like me who think fraud is fun (finding it - not committing it). 
THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED - I love Wally Lamb, and I REALLY loved this book.  Amazing.
DIRTY JOB - Bwwahahaha! Demons! Reapers! Giant Dogs! What more could one want from a book?
THE GRAVEYARD BOOK - great YA book.  Easy read.
FRAGILE THINGS - I only read 1/2.  It was 'meh'.  Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. 
THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH - endless, but ok.  Not my favorite but it did hold my attention.  I know a lot of people love it dearly, but I'm thinking they have obviously not read THE BAROQUE CYCLE because PILLARS pretty much pales in comparison.
CHE GUEVERA - A REVOLUTIONARY LIFE - Ego-maniac, much?  I mean it's one thing to rise to power as a dictator in your own country because you think you know best for your people, but to drift from country to country looking for one that will put you in charge? That's a whole 'nother level of narcissism. 
CAN'T WAIT TO GET TO HEAVEN - ugh.  Boring.  Couldn't finish it. 
LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN - This was really good.  About how different people of different social classes deal with the same grief. 
THE PASSAGE - Jason and I listened to this one together.  Vampires and viruses.  Fun stuff.  Can't wait for the next one in the series. 
THE GUERNSEY LITERARY & POTATO PEEL SOCIETY - Not at all what I expected.  It did have funny moments, but it was much, much more.  I feel like I know what it feels like to be in BFE England during WWII now.
DEADEYE DICK, BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS  I was on a Vonnegut kick.  Deadeye Dick was new to me, and I can't remember a darn thing about it now.  BoC is one of my all-time favorites. 
WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES - Sort of makes me want to go check myself in to an alcohol and drug treatment center even though I'm not addicted to alcohol or drugs.  But you meet such interesting people. 
NATION -"That’s what the gods are! An answer that will do! Because there’s food to be caught and babies to be born and life to be lived and so there is no time for big, complicated, and worrying answers! Please give us a simple answer, so that we don’t have to think, because if we think, we might find answers that don’t fit the way we want the world to be."
THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE STRANGE TIMES - I really liked this. Friendship second-guessed.  The pressure of genius.  Doing the wrong things for the right reasons.  I tend to love books about kids who are brilliant. 
BUT THEN AGAIN YOU END UP BECOMING YOURSELF - Transcript of an interview (over multiple days) with David Foster Wallace.  If you love him like I do - read this. 
THE ISLAND OF THE SEQUINED LOVE NUN - of my least favorite Christopher Moore books along with THE LUST LIZARD OF MELANCHOLY COVE. 
NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND (and two others in a collection)- Bill Bryson.  I only want to live places with functioning plumbing, K thx. 
ORYX & CRAKE - excellent.  Goes with THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD.  I love Margaret Atwood.  She makes me wonder...
GONE AWAY WORLD - Fun fun!  I loved this!  I read the whole thing on my kindle, wrapped in two ziploc bags, while floating in my 10 foot wide inflatable pool.  And now every time I get in the pool, I think about this book.  I can see myself re-reading it someday.  Dystopia.  I was on a dystopian kick in 2010. 
BAREFOOT IN THE PART - I wanted to know what all the hype was about.  It was alright.
YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING - This was a tough one to read for me.  About how this woman dealt with the death of her husband.  Yeah I know.  It's not the same as losing your Dad.  But still, losing someone is hard regardless. 
THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES - Weird.  But weirdly addicting too.  About this weird guy who runs into this weird woman who is a car psychic, and there's this weird 15 year old girl, and she throws him down a well but he's not really in there.....just.....odd.  I couldn't stop reading it. 
MY MAN JEEVES AND OTHER EARLY JEEVES - Wanted to see what the hype was about.  Very..."family affair" meets sherlock holmes. 
THE WIND-UP GIRL - Dystopia and robots and can robots become human and what should we do about that. 
THE ROBBER BRIDE - oooh drama!  Very real-housewives-of-the-OC meets Margaret Atwood meets Ann Rule writing about serial killers.  But there are no serial killers.
 PARABLE OF THE SOWER - Dystopia.  "The Road" meets my favorite book of my teenage years " The Girl Who Owned A City".  I could read this again. 

ok That's all of 2010 (along with the 1st post about 2010). 


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