Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fox Infestation

So...yeah we have foxes.  They walk from the preserve down the street down who knows where - I guess to the harbor - although they are apparently also hunting for grubs in the leaves on the side of my driveway. 

It is driving Jasmin INSANE.  She sits every night at the front door (which is all glass) on FOX WATCH.  We've seen them in the street several times, and last week Jason saw them lolling about in the driveway like....."Oh Hey !  How ya doin'?  We's eatin' bugs in your leaves.  Your dog has a ca-raaaazzzzy bark!  We brought our friendz over to hear it."

And like that. 

And my poor Greta, she is losing her hearing.  But when Jasmine starts "barking" (I need to come up with a better name for it), Greta will come running.  Well, once she wakes up enough to figure out where all the activity is happening.  She generally gets up and starts barking at the BACK door before she realizes the action is at the front door. 

Managed to snap this classic photo of her running to see the foxes last night: 

Look how gray her beard is.  She would still kick those foxes' asses if I opened the door for her. 

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