Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Playing!

I am off today, so I am playing around with a live oak tree mask that I hand cut last night out of a thin piece of plastic I saved from some package or another.

I have a whole container of sheets of plastic and cardboard packaging just for this purpose.  Sometimes I use a hot knife to cut plastic, but this one was thin enough to just fancy cut with scissors. 

The idea was to try to recreate the oak tree stencil I cut out of a piece of paper when I was gelli printing with my friend's kids up in Virginia.  Elizabeth, quite the artist herself, created this amazing gelli print using it and I doodled on it.  It is still one of my favorite pieces so far.

I am printing on top of some old gelli prints. I still haven't figured out exactly how Elizabeth achieved the original print, but I am LOVING my experiments so far!  I can't wait to doodle on some of these!


Anonymous said...

Hi love your work, but what are gelli prints??? please

Spickens said...

Oh goodness! You must get yourself a Gelli Plate! It is a permanent gelatin (silicon) plate you use for monoprinting. Slap some paint on it, put on a stencil or 12, and pull the paint up with a piece of paper or fabric or whatever!

Check out the "ADDICTED TO GELLI" button over on the right-hand side of this blog, or google Gelli Plate. There are TONS of videos and tutorials about using one. It is SO easy and fun!!